Dr. Tony Ciocca
Dr. Leonard Schwartz
Dr. Jeffrey Yasny
Dental Anaesthesiologist
Newmarket Dental Specialists
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Newmarket Dental Specialists


• Implant Dentistry (teeth-in-a-day)
• Cosmetic Dentistry (smile makeover)
• Reconstructive Dentistry


• Implant Dentistry
• Treatment of Gum Disease
• Cosmetic Gum Treatment

Sleep Dentistry

• Children 2 years and older
• Dental Phobics, Special Needs, Gaggers
• All-in-One Appointments
Sleep Dentistry

Welcome to Newmarket Dental Specialists

Newmarket Dental Specialists (NDS) was created to bring several dental specialities to one location. This will be more convenient for patients, but more importantly patients will benefit from multi-speciality collaboration in their dental care. Currently we have a Prosthodontist, Dr. Ciocca, a Periodontist, Dr. Schwartz, and a Dental Anaesthesiologist, Dr. Jeffrey Yasny. In the near future we will have other specialists join our team. We provide all services related to our specialties with a particular focus on dental implant care.